PAVONES is a California born DJ/Producer whose bass-heavy electro tracks have reached the Beatport Top 10 Charts in the genres; Electro House, Big Room and Trap/Future Bass.

PAVONES splits the year between Bilbao, Spain and Marin, California routinely DJ’ing at the top electronic club in the Basque Country; Sala Sonora as well as numerous other clubs and festivals.

Coming from a strong background in house music, PAVONES has honed his skills between two completely different music scenes in Spain and California. His sessions are high energy and seamlessly blend House, Electro & Bass Music.

PAVONES and his Swedish production partner LO’FLY have been releasing tracks and gaining a worldwide audience across several popular labels as well as his own imprint SYNTH HOUSE.

LO’FLY & PAVONES were featured on the Beatport “Best New Electro House” in May of 2018.

They are also featured on highly acclaimed charting label compilations such as “Bass House Movement”, “Miami Underground”, and the annual release: “Best of Digital Empire” which showcases the labels top talent.

Parties Rocked:
✓ Snowglobe Music Festival [Globe Theatre]
✓ Sala Sonora [Bilbao, Spain]
✓ Hawthorn [San Francisco, California]
✓ Cotton Club [Bilbao, Spain]
✓ Harlot [San Francisco, California]
✓ 19 Broadway [Fairfax, California]
✓ Txuribeltz [Pamplona, Spain]
✓ Zawp [Zorrotzaurre, Spain]
✓ Cabo Matxitxako [Getxo, Spain]
✓ Matrix [San Francisco, California]


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